It's funny how one typo can really change the tone of an email.


Here's a bunch of crap I've created


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  • John Doss writes on 7/10/09
    Wow thats amazing dude!
  • Mr. Anderson writes on 7/10/09
    That was pretty funny, I enjoyed it. Thanks for all your Internet shenanigans, 0at.
  • Torley writes on 7/10/09
    Heh, I first heard of "Best Retards" from Al Lowe of Leisure Suit Larry fame. You actually got one in the wild!
    BTW, Matt, have you ever had someone offended because of the word "mockup"? It's happened to me and neither of us were pleased.
  • scootatar writes on 7/10/09
    Wow, thats amazing. I bow to the retard that you have for your clients.
  • Joney S. writes on 7/10/09
    that's stupid
  • Adam writes on 7/10/09
    That's not really so amazing.
  • jason writes on 7/10/09
    Yeah. "RETARDS" lol..
  • Greg writes on 7/10/09
    And the T is right above the G, so it's a legitimate typo.
  • matt writes on 7/10/09
  • maz writes on 7/10/09
  • William writes on 7/10/09
    This is when the gmail "undo" function can come in handy.
  • tek writes on 8/10/09
    That's a winner.
  • pixjm writes on 8/10/09
  • פורומים writes on 8/10/09
    haha! one of the best spelling mistakes i've ever seen :-) keep on
  • Tom writes on 8/10/09
    I don't get it. Missing 'd' off remove? I've removed my email from this post in case I look stupid!
  • Will writes on 8/10/09
  • Mohan Arun L writes on 8/10/09
    Great typo you got there!
  • Chris writes on 8/10/09
    Loool, that's really funny!
  • tsung writes on 10/10/09
    this cracked me up, good one
  • Agent Smith writes on 15/10/09
    Tom writes:
    I don't get it. Missing 'd' off remove? I've removed my email from this post in case I look stupid!
    Look further down... "Retards" instead of "regards".
  • pixjm writes on 16/10/09
  • Ian writes on 4/12/09
    i guess thats why they made signatures?
  • Isaac writes on 10/12/09
    This is exactly why I use the "Undo Send" feature in GMail Labs. Gives you that crucial ten seconds after you click Send to realize that you just called all your recipients retards.
  • BenK writes on 23/12/09
    you should send that to makeuseof, they have other similar email typo's
  • Keli writes on 30/12/09
  • Buck! writes on 6/1/10
    Loved it, man!
  • Kaulitz - Fan writes on 9/1/10
    Lmao.. that's brill xD
  • that_guy writes on 9/1/10
    We had a similar story at work. A customer wrote to the CEO complaining that we reassigned a programmer to another project and demanded the original programmer be returned to his project.
    The CEO had a VP write back to tell the customer that we were sympathetic to their concerns, blah, blah, and that the original programmer would be put back on the customer's project. The last sentence was to read "... and I know you'll be pleased to hear that Don will now be assigned to complete your project."
    Unfortunately, there was a typo. The sentence which went out actually said "... and I know you'll be pleased to hear that Don will not be assigned to complete your project."
    It did not make the customer happy.
  • Burke writes on 11/1/10
    Hilarious. It's even better that it's placed at such a point in the email that you can hear it, muttered, like an afterthought. Awesome.
  • Rob writes on 2/2/10
    That is funny.
    Well done.
  • Axel Garcia writes on 2/2/10
    i would laugh if i got an email like that
  • Carissa writes on 6/2/10
    That would be embarrassing when you realized you misspelled something in an e-mail you already sent. Was there any aftermath?
    You amuse me so much. ^_^
  • alicia writes on 10/2/10
    lol, I'm a lil dyslexic between c and s which has caused problems...
    I burnt a dick for you, it's in the post.
  • Dana White writes on 18/2/10
    Ha ha ha LOL that's hilarious. F*CK.
  • Mark Payne writes on 22/2/10
    I worked for a BIG Japanese company. We had a change of management at the very top in Japan, and being "One of the people" he sent a message to all employees globally. The typo is in the first line - see if you can spot it.
    "Hi all you gays,"
    ----edit for length----
    .... he's gone now, but I confess I peed a little when I read THAT one.....

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