Eat Some Sea Bacon!

What is Sea Bacon?

Not everyone likes fish. In fact, the majority of people in the world prefer to eat chicken, beef, or even tofu. Fish are often thought of as horrible, slippery creatures that taste like ass. We hope to change that by encouraging people to refer to fish by a different name: "Sea Bacon." Everyone loves bacon, and by calling fish sea bacon we can help the world see these misunderstood creatures for what they really are: enchanting, delicious treats.

A couple enjoys some sea bacon for supper
A couple toasts to some magnificent sea bacon
Pretend that sushi is actually bacon
Do your part: Pretend that sushi is actually bacon

How can I help?

Never say fish, always say "Sea Bacon." Trick your friends by frying up some halibut for breakfast, but saying "the bacon is on!" Do this a few times and soon they'll be eating sea bacon like it's made of cocaine and snickers bars. Also, you can share this URL with your pals to get the word out:

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Eat some Sea Bacon. Do it for love

Sea Bacon is Love
This was created by Matthew Inman.
Sushi bacon photo found here.