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Posted on 4/12/08

404, it's the new 200. I drew a cartoon bat a few months ago that was originally supposed to be part of a wallpaper collection called "bat eats spider." I was going to have a bat biting the head off a spider, as sort of a shot at how well the Dark Knight did against Spiderman in terms of commercial success. Unfortunately the bat kept coming out too cute, and the spider too lame, so I just bagged it and it's been sitting on my hard drive ever since. I figured I'd get with the program and make a custom 404 error page.

My 404 page

Also, I launched a website today called Stop Saying Fail. It's doing really well - nearly 10,000 page views in the first hour. I'm actually not that against using the word "fail," but it's been parroted rather excessively lately, so I figured what the hell. Also, thanks to Rebecca Kelley. I can't remember if it was her idea or mine, but she definitely was a motivator behind making it.


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  • The Internet writes on 4/12/08
  • The Internet writes on 4/12/08
    Epic fail
  • Mike Hawk writes on 4/12/08
    Uber fail.
  • Anon writes on 5/12/08
    Massive fail
  • ariel writes on 5/12/08
    big bang fail
  • FAILING writes on 5/12/08
  • lolfail writes on 5/12/08
    Fail topped with Fail Sauce
  • matjkdf writes on 5/12/08
  • asdfadf writes on 5/12/08
    you fail totally
  • oi! writes on 5/12/08
  • LAIF writes on 7/12/08
  • stephen roland writes on 7/12/08
    epic rail
  • wtf writes on 7/12/08
  • Matthew Inman writes on 8/12/08
    Dear Readers, Say f**l one more time. I dare you.
  • groonk writes on 8/12/08
    you know you invited this...
  • goatsac writes on 9/12/08
  • Porridge 0at writes on 10/12/08
  • Flowercat writes on 10/12/08
    I don't believe it.
  • Crichton writes on 10/12/08
  • Anon writes on 10/12/08
  • Phallic McFaiylin writes on 11/12/08
  • empa7hy writes on 11/12/08
  • Mr. Failgurson writes on 13/12/08
    Epic Flop
  • Internets writes on 14/12/08
    F.A.I.L! demn you.
  • Anonymous writes on 22/12/08
    Nice, a rickroll. Way to go.
    So much fa[b][/b]il.
  • Syntax writes on 23/12/08
    Epic Phail dude.
  • SE7EN writes on 6/1/09
    ok, here we go
  • Euan writes on 17/1/09
    i like bats and balloons =)
  • l33t speak writes on 22/1/09
    ub3rFa1l =)
  • Olivier writes on 8/2/09
  • pete writes on 8/2/09
  • John Nicely writes on 9/2/09
    The only thing is that it didn't work... I went to a page that didn't exist and it just says "error - 404" in plain black and white.
  • Matthew Inman writes on 9/2/09
    Hey John, I'm not sure what was going on there, but it's been fixed now.
  • mosh writes on 9/3/09
    uh. cute. I like the pink balloon.
  • YOUR NAME (REQUIRED) writes on 2/1/10

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