16 Things You Never Knew About The Automobile

Posted on 13/10/09

I created my first infographic for a client and it came out pretty bitchin. It's for The Car Connection and it's a visual walk-through of interesting facts about the automobile. Click here to see the whole thing.

16 things you never knew about the autmobile

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  • Mark writes on 17/11/09
    Your illustration/design style is super.
    It would be excellent to get someone like you in to talk to our class in uni instead of the dull old men in grey suits talking about marketing.
    everyone i show loves your stuff, keep it up
  • Habib Q writes on 18/11/09
    I absolutely love your work.
    The colors, the humor always brightens my day
  • George Campbell writes on 24/11/09
    Everything is so professional. Now I need the time to check out all your productions.
  • M. Mudassir Azeemi writes on 4/12/09
    Awesome stuff you have! One of my friend shared the Web Design Blunders from
    I just forwarded your stuff to my office-mates and now your website is in our "Highlights of Interwebs" the place where we put, funny, strange and cool Links!
    Awesome Job dude!
    Keep doodling!
  • Shane writes on 7/12/09
    Matt - You are an inspiration to us wannabees, the greatest talent online at the moment.
    I have been laughing for days..... as well as making notes and learning from you.
    Thanks for both, bro !!
  • Ashamed Indian writes on 21/12/09
    I saw your post on your India visit. My profound apologies as an Indian. I read that with a mixture of profound shame and remorse.
    I see only one hope for us: economic development. In some of the relatively more prosperous places in India (it is all relative, there is no place that is *really* prosperous in India yet, but bear with me), some of the stuff you observed, like beggars everywhere, human-powered rickshaws, obviously sick people dying in the streets - I have seen them gone away in my lifetime in the Southern state I come from. That gives me hope, because the stuff I used to think would never go away as a kid has gone away.
    Even so, we are probably the dirtiest nation on the planet. We have to get about a lot richer before we will get cleaner. Based on the past 15 years of evidence, I have to say we are getting richer, but places like Varanasi have been untouched by growth. And places like Delhi have been swamped by people from those places untouched by growth.
    As hard as it might be to think this thought after your visit, please remember that those people, even the poorest maggot-ridden beggars dying on the street, are still human, and some day their descendants will achieve their full human potential.
  • Indian Queen writes on 24/12/09
    wow. I just read your India post and all I can say is: you're an arrogant, spoiled, whiney, weak-ass privileged white douche-bag.
    Eat a dick.
  • Jillian (back to the nest) writes on 2/1/10
    I just discovered your work and absolutely love all of it, especially The Oatmeal. Thanks for being awesome!
  • Thomas Antony writes on 3/1/10
    Mr. Oatmeal .. your posts are damn funny. :D ..
    I found this site when one of my friend referred me to your 'Twilight' post on TheOatMeal.com ..
    Being a web developer myself .. your feat of developing a full-fledged site in 66.5hours .. and then gettng it 90k visitors in the first month .. is simply awesome.
    Hats off to you! :D
    As for 'Indian Queen'..
    I am myself an Indian. And badmouthing him for telling the truth is not the right thing to do. After all .. it IS the truth.
    I am from South India .. and even I have had such experiences of cab drivers and rickshaw drivers crowding us when we went on vacations. I can't even imagine how it must be for foreigners.
  • alexander writes on 16/1/10
    Your key of F is incorrect :) B flat is on the 3rd line for treble clef, 2nd is for bass clef. Otherwise very nice.
  • AAA writes on 20/1/10
    epic shit!
    love http://theoatmeal.com/!!!
  • Traveler writes on 28/1/10
    Your post on India (mentioned above - but conveniently not accepting comments) read like a commentary from someone who has lived a comfortable, privileged, middle-class life who has who has never experienced real discomfort or hardship before. Your experiences sounded rough, to be sure, but not unique to yourself, or to India. Much of the world lives in a state of poverty, and with that comes a certain amount of crime, trash, pollution, begging and scamming. India is what it is - for better or for worse. How you choose to respond to that adversity is the measure by which YOU shall be judged.
    And, you aren't measuring up very well.
  • Jason writes on 29/1/10
    You morons commenting about the India post; Truth fucking hurts, doesn't it?
  • joshua writes on 9/2/10
    About your India post, you do indeed come across as a little spoiled white boy who hasn't seen the world, it tells a lot about you and your home country and more about your education or lack thereof, we all know US has a poor education system, but that India post highlights it!
    But is the US is any better overall than India, you invade and wage war on other countries illegally to steal their oil. Iraq, is the new Vietnam. What about dropping nuclear bombs on innocent civilians like in WW2 in Japan. What about your serial killers, schools shootings, corrupt politicans, over 500 million weapons floating about the country...everyone has a gun..."to be safe". A Fast food brainwashed culture. Remember the US is around for a mere 200 years, but think they own the world, you people are so far up your own ass you can't see past your own arrogant noses. LOL.
    And worst of all, the world saw how greedy and lacking in any empathy you were when Katrina struck New Orleans and your people were just left to die and suffer because they were POOR. How sick.
    Look at yourself and your own disgusting country before pointing at anyone else!
  • Steve writes on 12/2/10
    Look, the fact of the matter is he had a shitty vacay! Sure, he was harsh, but obviously he just wasn't prepared for what he was hit with. He'd rather have a vacation not filled with the guilt that he has so much and they have nothing, and no reason for such an unfair tip in the scales of life.
    And, of course, you proud Indians are just trying to be patriotic; you (and I) will defend your home country to the death, because it is yours; it is your identity. For example, I'm going to PUNCH IN THE FACE the next person who says the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Canada were bunk (they were), because it's my homeland; I'm not just going to let you insult my country.
    So lay off 'im.
  • Riddhi writes on 19/2/10
    With all due respect- well actually no, no respect really, considering you can't seem to give other people/ countries/ nations the respect they deserve-you're a fucktard.
    Wrt what steve said, I'm living in Canada too atm, and if you realize the fact that as a Canadian you'd stand up for your country "I don't get your logic in telling Indians to 'lay off' this douchebag.
    Anyway, my point is, if today I went to the Bronx and had the worst experience of my life, wound up raped and pressured into buying drugs and then came back and said that the U.S is the worst place there is, that would be me making an asshole of myself for giving a one-sided view after landing up in the wrong place. That's more or less akin to what you seem to have done. I've lived in India for a while before and yeah, I have seen poverty but not at the 'Oh sweet mother of God it's a personal insult' level. And oh I dunno, viewing it maybe with a little, Empathy? Which you obviously lack. Sense as well. How convenient to write a retarded post such as that and then disable comments. A little bit of a coward aren't you? Ah well, it's alright. Everyone can't be a man y'know.
    @Ashamed Indian- You're nothing but a whitewashed wannabe. And don't kid yourself- that doesn't leave you white nor does it leave you Indian. It leaves you somewhere in the middle licking white ass like an alley dog, which when you come to think of it, is basically just ass.
    @Traveler- You're smart =)
    @Jason- You're a prick. And actually no it doesn't. Have you ever Been to India asshole?
  • Andrea writes on 19/2/10
    This is really cool - as always! Nice to see someone who enjoys his work so much. Thanks for setting such a great example. :-)
  • D. Aristophanes writes on 10/3/10
    You are so funny and a great artist. You are the best! We should be together, too.
  • john writes on 11/3/10
    Matt! You have one of the funniest blogs around. Your comics are hilarious. I have not laughed aloud so often since I discovered Perry Bible Fellowship. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good stuff!
  • Garry writes on 15/3/10
    Website needs to 'pop' more. Ya know? You know...POP. POP.
  • David writes on 16/3/10

    Useful information. Helped me figure out few things. Keep up the good work.

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