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Posted on 6/7/09

All done! Today I launched The Oatmeal, my new website which I mentioned in a previous post..

The site currently has 3 comics and a couple of quizzes. I've got 17 more comics drawn and ready to publish, I'm just launching them in batches rather than all at once. Here's a few comics and quizzes that are currently up:

As mentioned previously, I've also got a book for sale which I've published myself. It contains nearly 20 comics, including reasons on why you should keep dinosaurs away from crack cocaine, and combat techniques for fighting crack whores.


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  • Corey writes on 7/7/09
    Congrats Matt!! It looks really awesome!!
  • Marko Nikolic writes on 7/7/09
    Great work Matt! I love the Twitter quiz.
  • Andrew Warner writes on 7/7/09
    Great design. Plus now I know how many tapeworms my stomach can hold!
  • #4 (really #2 tho) writes on 8/7/09
    The book is great. It does a really good job of keeping my coffee cup from leaving a ring on my desk at work. j/k I've been flashing it around like it's a decoder ring. So proud of your accomplishments! You're a stud!
  • Zen writes on 10/7/09
    Plain oatmeal doesn't have much flavor.
  • Michael Hart writes on 13/7/09
    While my drawing is not that impressive compared to your artistic skills, maybe you could get inspiration from this cartoon I had to draw for my Illustrator class lol
  • Gavin writes on 17/7/09
    A friend of mine Scott said I should check your site out so I did. Your passion for all things creative and actually doing something about your ideas reminds me of me before I got too complacent when it all worked out.
    Stick with it my friend, keep that fire in your belly burning brightly. And when you make more money than you can spend in a lifetime... keep at it some more because you have a talent and you make people smile and laugh... and that means more than anything else.
    You have inspired me to get back to making a difference; thank you :-)
  • Violet writes on 1/9/09
    Haha, your site is AWESOME! :)
  • Mike writes on 14/9/09
    I loved the "prepare your pets for War" nice job on the new website.
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  • Stu writes on 7/10/09
    Hahaha, love it! The book's looking awesome :)
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