Vectorizing Barack Obama

Posted on 29/1/09

Yes we can (use the pen tool). I've been busy drawing a follow to the Summer 2008 State of the Web, and for the Winter 2009 version I'm going to have a slide featuring Barack Obama. I just finished turning him into a vector illustration and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. still feel very clunky using Adobe Illustrator, but it's getting much easier.

Barack Obama Vector
Click for a larger version

Download (just the vectors)

One last thing: like I said I'm drawing the followup to the State of the Web, so I'm looking for any ideas on what to draw. I've already got a pretty good list going, including adultfriendfinder filing for IPO, sad [something] is sad, and a bunch of zunes crashing when the clock rolled over to 2009. If you have any additional items, feel free to let me know. I'm looking for popular memes (such as rickrolling), but stuff that's a bit more recent.


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  • Casey Yandle writes on 29/1/09
    Wow that rocks! Great job!
  • Teresa writes on 29/1/09
  • J-dizzle writes on 29/1/09
    Matt this is great! You're pretty talented at this vector drawing stuff even though you keep saying you're a n00b.
  • Sidney writes on 29/1/09
    Um, that is awesome.
    Also, for the State of the web, how about the fact that the Macworld 2009 keynote sucked more than a toothless whore? I will not be paying more to upgrade to DRM-free, you stingy bastards.
  • Ian writes on 29/1/09
    Very well done your vectorness. >_<
  • Lori writes on 29/1/09
    This is awesome, Matthew. Can you vectorize Blagojevich next? His hair might prove to be a challenge but I'm sure you're up to it :)
  • Tom writes on 30/1/09
    Nice vector! For your roundup Scientology surely should play a part...
  • Thezero writes on 30/1/09
    Boy that looks nice. Problem is, in either pics, obama is still an ass.
  • Andy writes on 31/1/09
    Nice work, wish i could draw like that using Adobe Illustrator
  • Andrew MacDonald writes on 31/1/09
    I have just stumbled across your website and saw this, damn man, your totally amazing.
    I wish i was as clever as you.
  • John writes on 1/2/09
    Great work, but a little light I think. ^_^
  • pio writes on 8/2/09
    you are a third millennium artist...ilove your work
  • Michael writes on 17/2/09
    How about vectorizing barney frank? He looks like a cartoon already. Here's an image for ya.
  • Constança writes on 27/2/09
    Great work! Do you use a digitalizing table? I'm a graphic designer considering buying one, is it worth it?
  • Matthew Inman writes on 1/3/09
    Constança, I bought a graphics tablet but hated it. For vector work I prefer the mouse, because you tend to work in points most of the time so having a tablet is a huge pain in the butt.
  • Matt writes on 24/3/09
    No flag pin? ;)
  • Jonathan EnlightenYourDay writes on 6/4/09
    Great art work. I look forward to your next state of the web post. Cheers
  • Mark writes on 4/5/09
    Awesome job, well done!
  • SEO rab writes on 2/10/09
    Great art work, cool

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