Free RSS Icons

I like drawing, and people on the internet like free stuff, therefore I drew a bunch of RSS icons free for the taking.

Download RSS Icons (zip format)

Download RSS Icons (one giant JPEG)

The .zip file contains around 15 RSS icons in JPEG and high-res PNG formats. If you want to download individual icons, click on them below.

Bottle RSS Icon

Sucker RSS Icon

Matches RSS Icon

Bottle RSS Icon

Bottle RSS Icon

Notebook RSS Icon

Printer RSS Icon

Orange RSS Icon

Meat RSS Icon

Hole in wall RSS Icon

Toast RSS Icon

Lamp RSS Icon

Cantaloupe RSS Icon

Sandwich RSS Icon

3 Spheres RSS Icon

Half Sphere RSS Icon

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  • Adrian Rendon writes on 27/9/08
    Those are sweet. I should have paid attention in high school.
  • Matt writes on 5/10/08
    Awesome dude. I wish I had that kind of drawing talent. Do you draw those on paper first, or do you start out drawing in Fireworks (or Illustrator, if you started using it)?
  • Blaz Tomahawk writes on 7/10/08
    I've seen this guy at work. He has HUGE canvases - 4' x 5' or so. He uses acrylics. He then scans in his works of art using an industrial sized scanner. After that, he plays around with them in photoshop, optimizes them, and squirts them out to .png.
  • Matthew Inman writes on 7/10/08
    Blaz - what the hell are you talking about?
    I read somewhere that smoking crack is bad for you. You should look into that.
  • Torley writes on 7/10/08
    I have a good feeling I'd be in heaven if you did a watermelon collection, Matthew.
    Thanks for being you.
    And *peeks* WOW for answering my email supah-quick.
  • Mark writes on 8/10/08
    I enjoy reading your site and your RSS buttons. If you can draw then you can market. I am shocked how many talented starving artists there are. I think people who have marketing sense do not have art sense and visa versa. Your lucky you have both.
    One question is how do you change the rss icon size on a wordpress rss widget? I think its deep in the code. Maybe you do not know this. Anyway, your RSS is great.
  • Ron writes on 8/10/08
    I love your icons! I changed my RSS icon after seeing this! Thank you for being so generous! :D I posted an entry about your Icons here:
  • mint~ writes on 7/11/08
    very creative rss icons~ nice~ Thank you!!
  • Aleks writes on 9/11/08
    Well done!
    Thank you for the beautiful icons!
  • sentaku writes on 11/11/08
    Very very Awesome!!! Thank you~
  • Blaz Tomahawk writes on 18/11/08
    It was a joke, Nicorette.
  • Darren Slatten writes on 21/11/08
    dear matthew inman
    you are totally awesome. lets go to the park together and eat ham sandwiches. sound good?
  • Matthew Inman writes on 21/11/08
    Dear Darren Slatten,
    I agree, ham sandwiches at the park sounds pretty keen. I will bring my famous pasta salad and other delightful sundries.
  • The Internet writes on 4/12/08
  • Станиславский writes on 20/12/08
    Спасибо большое! Эти иконки просто класс!
  • Farooq writes on 2/1/09
  • Sid writes on 8/1/09
    dude u rock man great talent i am using ur imgs.. ..
  • Christian Kahle writes on 25/1/09
    Pretty nice icons, love it
  • Studio writes on 1/2/09
    Pictures magnificent!
  • ant writes on 8/2/09
    hey thanks for the icons, i love them. I should use them on my blogs. Once again thanks for u'r shere ^_^
  • ByAgressif writes on 15/2/09
    I enjoy most in my went Ampule of visual
  • cjc writes on 18/2/09
    These are your creativity.. especially the speaker on.. You rock!
    PS.. I like chocolate and watermelons too, can you do those?!LOL
  • mexx63 writes on 28/3/09
    thanks, very nice icons
  • claire stokoe writes on 2/4/09
    these are stunning really, just Tweeted your site. Can i use one of the RSS logos please?
  • Fiantono writes on 12/4/09
    Thanks for your share icons. I really love them. They're awesome and unique. Many thanks...
  • sonaljhuj writes on 21/4/09
    Thank you! i love them all.
  • boffin writes on 18/6/09
    thankss man...these icons are really cool..i will use them on my blog
  • Resul writes on 22/6/09
    Thank you very much for this information. Good post thanks for sharing.
  • wizzy writes on 3/7/09
    Your rss icons are great. I am new to blogging and fairly clueless for the moment about adding custom buttons like these to my site. Do you have any instructions how to add these to my blogger site. Actually I have figured out how to add them but can't get them to work. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.
  • Patrick writes on 14/7/09
    WOW, what a great work. Have you drawn them on paper first? Are you using a drawingtablet like them from wacom?
    Looking forward ...
  • finid writes on 19/7/09
    Dude, I gotta steal one of your icons.
  • johny2shoes writes on 19/7/09
    wow great icons, many thanks
  • babyeelsmakegoodbuddys writes on 22/7/09
    you should make a fraggen He-man icon. slice them watermelons too.
  • omid writes on 7/8/09
  • gamer writes on 9/8/09
    Pictures magnificent!
  • Radio Gets Wild writes on 23/8/09
    Many thanks your RSS pictures are great just what i have been looking for please go to and join membership is free and you can place your rss and website with logo into our Directorys ...Once again many thanks Tim station Founder
  • chris writes on 23/8/09
    Cool RSS stuffs! Thanks for sharing.
  • Vishveshwar Jatain writes on 26/8/09
    What an amazing job you have done here, kudos! I just love some of these buttons :)
  • writes on 23/9/09
    What a suggestion!It saved me so much time.Thanks for sharing.
  • SEO rab writes on 2/10/09
    I changed my RSS icon after seeing this
  • okie writes on 7/10/09
  • Veronique writes on 8/10/09
    Very very cool!! So refreshing. Good job.
  • flblu writes on 4/11/09
    troppo carine
  • gouothami.b writes on 5/12/09
    Really very cool....
  • Blaine writes on 9/12/09
    Ok, what the hell does it say on the printer?
  • wingateg3 writes on 9/12/09
    The printer says:
    "dear matthew inman
    you are totally awesome. lets go to the park together and eat ham sandwiches. sound good?
    ...see an earlier comment above
  • John writes on 9/12/09
    Hey man: these are really good. Do you do most on adobe?
  • Jini writes on 9/12/09
  • Web Icons writes on 15/12/09
    I am using the RSS icon as a base-cool icons-will make sure to use one of them.Thanks for sharing.
  • Создание сайтов writes on 23/12/09
    nice icons!!!
  • dayla writes on 2/1/10
    omg!! coolest icons EVER!!!
  • Giovanni Taylor-Peace writes on 8/1/10
    These icons are really nice. I'm going to write something soon about my "RSS addiction" and I will be sure to give you credit for your work. If you ever in Atlanta I might even buy you that cup o' Joe.
  • fantasy writes on 8/1/10
    realy nice icons :) thanks!
  • Lara writes on 13/1/10
    Do you know the technic of transparency?
    LOL! Really nice icons, but you can't work with it!
  • johnpaint writes on 22/1/10
    I like the bottle
  • Vitaliy Syromyatnikov writes on 27/1/10
    Very beautiful RSS icons.
    Thanx Matthew for sharing it with us free!
  • John writes on 6/2/10
    Keep up your good work
  • marc writes on 20/2/10
    This is a very good work. Very nice icons.
  • Ermil writes on 20/2/10
    Fantastically good set of very functional icons! Nice and fresh. Thx for this icons
  • logolitic writes on 12/3/10
    very nice collection here! You can also download for free my RSS icons pack here:
  • Dima writes on 23/3/10
    very creative rss icons~ nice~ Thank you!!

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