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Posted on 7/2/08

When it comes to trying something new on the web, I'm all about keeping the amount of time I invest insanely low. This is probably why I use CakePHP, it lets me build web apps very quickly and minimize the risk in case they fall on their face when I launch them.

LinkBlip is exactly one of those types of projects. I built this app from start to finish in a little under 4 hours.


The concept is really simple: it's a way to monitor when someone has clicked a link you sent them. Have you ever sent someone an email and never heard back? If you send them a LinkBlip URL, you'll automatically be notified by email when they click on it. It also tells you what city and state they were in when the clicked the link.

It's basically like an email receipt, although less annoying and you don't know it's happening. Plus you get to see what city and state they're in.

Regarding user-experience, the entire site is basically two pages so there wasn't much work to be done there. I mostly focused on highlighting two things:

  1. Making it crystal clear what LinkBlip was and how it works. If users are going to commit to the idea they need to understand it first. I tried my best to outline LinkBlip in plain english without overloading the copy.
  2. Make it easy to bookmark for later use, because although many people could find this useful they probably aren't going to need it the first time they visit the page. It's the kind of thing you'd refer to later.

Feel free to post any feedback or suggestions in the comments.

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