Creating a Pig Monster

Posted on 27/2/08

Last night I was trying to draw a pig, but I ended up creating an adorable little monster thing with pig-like features.

Behold the Pig Monster, by Matthew Inman

iPhone users: I created a 320x480 version of this for use as an iPhone wallpaper (click to download).

I created a few versions of this guy from multiple angles doing different things. I created one of him standing, walking, and running.

Pig Monster

Click the above image to enlarge

I drew three versions because I wanted to get more practice with proportion by trying to keep his features consistent even though his body is angled in different ways. A lot of the comic-cartoonish stuff I draw tends to always be from the same angle (usually straight-on).

So what do I intend to do with this little guy? I'm not sure yet. I'm considering starting a webcomic and incorporating him into it. My myspace comic was very successful and received thousands of visitors in the first few days it was up. A webcomic would be perfect for improving my Illustrator skills, too, because there's no deadline so I wouldn't be pressured to pump out designs quickly.

Another crazy idea I've been toying around with is to create a giant mural of various characters and other creations - perhaps 6 feet tall by 4 feet wide, and have it printed out and mounted on the wall of my home. Ideally I'd draw somewhere between 50-100 various creatures, items, and miniature landscapes and create a giant vector-collage. It'd be pretty time consuming though, so I'll have to think about it.

Any thoughts or ideas are always appreciated.

Sad Pig Monster wants you to leave a comment

Update! For my 26th birthday my Mom stitched this pig monster onto a pillow for my living room :) Pig Monster Pillow


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  • jmac6443 writes on 27/2/08
    Nicely Done I like it/him/her/it!!!
  • alixito writes on 28/2/08
    Wall of angry/sad/freaked out snout-less pigs! Btw, I like the pink one even more. It needs to borrow a tweezer...
  • Brad Mahaffey writes on 29/2/08
    Haha love the pink one. Nice
  • Matthew Inman writes on 29/2/08
    Thanks Brad, I think he would have made an awesome valentines day card. Perhaps next year.
  • Pete W writes on 3/3/08
    The Adventures of Phil (the pig) and Steve (a fly). Clearly an awesome premise for a comic...
  • Valiik writes on 4/3/08
    HAHAHA!!! Nice. Ya I like the pink one too. I think it looks more alien in this fluorescent pink suit.
  • Rebecca Kelley writes on 5/3/08
    He's sad because he's hairy.
  • Pulkit writes on 6/3/08
    Pinky piggy z crying, his ears have grown longer.. !! :'(
  • Rande writes on 7/3/08
    Hey Matthew, love your work. What program did you use to make this?
  • Matthew Inman writes on 7/3/08
    Rande - I use Macromedia fireworks. (er..adobe fireworks now)
  • BoonamaI writes on 7/3/08
    I felt I had to leave a comment because the Pig Monster made me feel bad. Err ... Nice website.
  • asshur writes on 8/3/08
    Cute Monster, I love it.
  • humphery not really writes on 28/7/08
    aww there soooo cute
  • Liv writes on 30/8/08
    Hey! I found the pig monster on google images, printed some out, and pasted it all over! it's so cute!
  • M-MAN writes on 5/10/08
    That is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  • M-MAN writes on 5/10/08
    That is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  • k-for-cool writes on 5/10/08
    Cool dud that is like totally smack Awesome.
  • Tom writes on 7/10/08
    Great work, Matt. You probably get asked a lot but what program do you use for your vector work?
  • Matthew Inman writes on 7/10/08
    Tom - I use macromedia fireworks
  • Jayce writes on 7/10/08
    He is a cool pig
  • mia c writes on 14/11/08
    that is so freaking cute is adorable
  • none of your buisness writes on 11/12/08
    he's cute.
  • amar writes on 13/12/08
    chubby..... my girls like u
  • maux writes on 6/1/09
    Please stop crying! I love you!
  • cool writes on 10/1/09
    A picture that good should be uploaded to a cartoon
  • BxCx writes on 23/1/09
    Sin duda, lo llevo en mi iphone!!!
    Gracias por tan magnífico regalo :D
  • Valerie Shipbaugh writes on 11/2/09
    He looks like he is worried.
  • Anton writes on 24/2/09
    hello pig monster...... you so cute
  • Rory writes on 1/3/09
    I love him, he's my iPod touch Background, keep up the good work :)
  • ozgur writes on 16/3/09
    adorable, im using it as my avatar
  • Mitch writes on 2/4/09
    simply cute just like it's inspiration ;o)
  • Annabel writes on 3/4/09
    I Think It Really Cute ! :P
    And That Would Sell Well Good !
    It Adorable :P
    I So Would Buy That !
    Great Drawing xx
  • Wagner Lannes writes on 13/4/09
    He's so cute!!! Send me one! I live right here, in Brazil! It's not so far, is it? hehe
  • Jan writes on 22/4/09
    I love him. Could I use his image on a worksheet I am making for my students?
  • Matthew Inman writes on 3/5/09
    Jan, of course! Go right ahead
  • adi writes on 6/7/09
    Its adorable. I found it when I was googling images. WOuld you do an image for me? Do you work on freelance basis? Mail me if possible.
  • Jani writes on 16/7/09
    hey, I like this cute little monster ^^ could I use it for a private homepage? that would be so great.
  • remi writes on 19/7/09
    u are good
  • kelviin writes on 24/7/09
    wow...nice design...
    that's very good picture, i like it.
    Make it more...
  • Spazgem writes on 30/7/09
    It's the sweetest thing ever! I have it on my background. Can we call it something? like Alfred? or Larry? or .. Eliza?
  • pay day loan canada writes on 8/8/09 is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.
  • leo writes on 18/8/09
    omg hes so dam cute
  • emely writes on 27/8/09
    this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i love it the orange and red monsters are so cute i cant stop looking at it
  • v____________m writes on 1/9/09
    awesome pig monster!
  • natalie writes on 4/10/09
    Im soo drawing this little monster!! cuuute.
  • Lana writes on 5/10/09
    Wish I could buy an actual physical greeting card with this cute moster. It's very sweet looking.
  • R1no writes on 23/11/09
  • squanto writes on 7/1/10
    im just doing it for the little monster
  • Andjela writes on 20/1/10
    Awww, cute!
  • Juan Cruz writes on 20/1/10
    Hey i need help I want this picture as my icon for my IM account but, it says the picture is too big. Can you help me and how to make it smaller.
  • Haley writes on 12/2/10
    Aww, your mom is awesome! : )
  • bogdan writes on 23/2/10
    can i borrow this draw for my video productions do you mind??
  • p90x writes on 10/3/10
    I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing ability I look forward to more updates and will be returning.

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