The State of the Web - Summer 2008

Posted on 7/7/08

Last year I put together a 2007 collage of things that were happening on the web. I didn't illustrate any of it, I just used text and a few simple images.

I wanted to create another one this year, but this time get a bit more creative. Several coffees and a few billion mouseclicks later, I give you:

The State of the Web - Summer 2008

I drew everything on that page, with the exception of the twitter bird that's in the cockpit of the burning airplane.

Also, props to this post at WebDesignerWall for the inspiration behind the "design" section of the collage.

Twitter - Always going down


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  • Chris writes on 7/7/08
    Love your work! Just wanted you to know. :)
  • rohit507 writes on 7/7/08
    I thank you for the most amazingly creative rickroll i've ever seen. It made my day
  • Telemill writes on 7/7/08
    Loved it! Funny as . . .
  • Tim writes on 8/7/08
    Really nice job on the state of the web. Love the firefox and twitter pieces the most.
  • richwelder writes on 8/7/08
    I like this plane very much!
  • Phil writes on 8/7/08
  • Alex G writes on 8/7/08

    Why the fuck would a bird fly a plane....
    Make me website? plz? <3
  • Steve writes on 8/7/08
    That was an excellent representation of where we are right now, I loved last years but this one blows that out of the water. Great job!
  • Lincolnn writes on 8/7/08
    nice work man
  • Jacek writes on 8/7/08
    Brilliant! Very funny, excellent illustration, and wonderful design all around. :)
  • Matthew Deutsch writes on 8/7/08
    excellent work!
    I especially liked the rick roll idea haha
  • Briantist writes on 8/7/08
    Just love your graphic design. Lovely work.
  • shimonta writes on 8/7/08
    great job man !
  • sweetney writes on 8/7/08
    well done, son!
  • Dmitry writes on 8/7/08
    That's great Matt -- funny and spot on :)
  • 40ozPhil writes on 8/7/08
    This post is great, dead on. Love the site man
  • Gonzy writes on 8/7/08
    Loved the whole thing.. spot on
  • Adam Garland writes on 8/7/08
    That webpage is amazing.
    Instant favorite.
    I'm sending that to lots of people.
  • Lori writes on 8/7/08
    I like how the logo on the left stays in place while the page scrolls...sometimes it's the little things, you know?
  • Paul Chaney writes on 8/7/08
    And the fact you do all your design work in Fireworks as opposed to Illustrator or Photoshop makes me feel just a bit vindicated. I work for a Web design, development company and all around me are Photoshop fanatics. Thankfully, as marketing director I don't have to do much in the way of design, which is good considering how I'd be made to feel shame by my cohorts. So, thank you! Great work!
  • Liz writes on 8/7/08
    I like your schema although I'm a bigger fan of Twitter than you seem to be. You really capture the sensibility of the summer of 2008 though much more aptly than through words.
  • Matthew Inman writes on 8/7/08
    Liz: Don't get me wrong, I like twitter. I just wished they could get their shit together.
  • Deinera writes on 8/7/08
    That was quite possibly the best thing I've seen on the web in a long time. Thank you!
  • Senia writes on 8/7/08
    Truly great!
  • Sudhi writes on 8/7/08
    LOLz, nice one Matthew, you have good sense of humor.
    I read couple of other posts and they were quite interesting
    I liked your website. Cool yet simple design.
    BTW, I was wondering if you read novels.
    If yes, try Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.
    Interesting read.
  • Fubiz writes on 9/7/08
    Congrats, impressive work !
  • icie writes on 9/7/08
    Love it, but two girls and one cup sounds pretty 2007 to me -- or spring 2008 at a stretch.
  • Benjamin writes on 9/7/08
    This made my day :)
  • Bhupesh Shah writes on 9/7/08
    Very impressive. I just realized that you've had a hand in a lot of websites that I admire!
  • Anon writes on 9/7/08
    2 girls 1 cup is old. very old, in internet terms, as is rick-rolling.
  • Matthew Inman writes on 9/7/08
    Anon - yeah, but it didn't really gain traction (especially the reactions) until spring 2008.
    Besides, it's supposed to be funny, not educational.
  • Ugalonko writes on 9/7/08
    Hi!! very funny, i'm asking if i can make a spanish translate of this collage?
  • Raghavan writes on 9/7/08
    Excellent Idea and a great work
  • GingerK writes on 9/7/08
    Really nice art and a good encapsulation of recent web history! I was a bit confused at first by the spidering of "flash", but if you capitalize Flash, it might resonate more quickly for some.
  • Patricia writes on 10/7/08
    That was great...
  • Raw09 writes on 11/7/08
  • Raw09 writes on 11/7/08
    nice illustrations though.
  • RB! writes on 13/7/08
    Great work. Also loved your post about how you made mingle2 in just 66.5 hours, very impressive. It motivated me to work on this project that I had on the side more seriously. A lot of great info. on that post like avoiding “feature creep”, I'm always feature creeping and I never get anything done; I look forward to more posts like that
  • RB! writes on 13/7/08
    Also would like to ask if you could write another post regarding how you marketed mingle2 step by step and what you did to get 2 million views within 6 months!
  • wikipedia writes on 14/7/08
    spiders have 8 legs
  • Deven writes on 15/7/08
    More creative than funny, but still awesome. 5 out of 5 stars. To both Phil and Matt, I run a Web site for a college radio station (linked from my name), and after using Fireworks, Photoshop and Illustrator, Fireworks gets the win. It's so much easier to use for graphics generation, and my experience has been that it can be some 20-30 percent more efficient than Photoshop at compressing photo JPGs at the same quality level and resolution. Crazy, I know.
  • QueenB writes on 16/7/08
    Nicely written, made me smile in an otherwise dull day, thank you!
  • QueenB writes on 16/7/08
    Perhaps your coments are moderated but my previous comment didnt show up so.........
    Thank you (again) for this, I loved reading it!
  • Andyw writes on 16/7/08
    Great work, Fantastic site. Very talented developer
  • Social Traffic Swarm... writes on 18/7/08
    Hey Matthew,
    First of all congrats for the amazing traffic success that you have had! (Makes me envious, at least a little bit)
    Just wanted to say sorry to you on behalf of what happened to you here in India, I guess its truly our fault!
    I just wanted to point out that whatever has happened to you is truly a correct representation of India and as an Indian entrepreneur I would love to tell you that we are working on out country...
    We are working on making it better and getting things done in the right form!
    And the only thing which you will will realize you found annoying was lack of organization...
    But then, there are certain ways to deal with it and (rickshaw is not one of them)...
    It takes some preparation when you are going to some other country, right?
    Politely, I would like to apologize but also advise that you could have done a little bit of research before going to India, sure the luxuries are 4 times cheaper her, you would still have to pay for them...
    No offense please...
    Derogatory remarks make it all bad...
  • Amri writes on 18/7/08
    That's Cool.
  • MYVIX writes on 20/7/08
    2millions hits in 6 months!!
    i'm only 18, and i made in March and i had 10k hits every day :)
  • Vidhu writes on 20/7/08
    Rescue aircraft pilot.. Give him a parachute ... :)
  • admin writes on 20/7/08
    If your customers need reliable web hosting we would like to work with you for them.
  • anon 2 writes on 21/7/08
    This is so pretentious it makes me want to puke. the self congratulation. the circle jerk of it all. the same people congratulating each other. then when one guy stands up and says "hey, some of this stuff is old" etc. its then just flippantly passed off as "funny" as opposed to "educational". i'm willing to bet the point of this was to portray the 0at as having some divine insight as to the state of the web. this is obvious by the aforementioned reciprocal mental masturbation going back and forth in the same old boring crowd here.
  • mikey writes on 21/7/08
    I agree with the above poster except that no article is more self congratulatory than this one: 'How I Almost Got in Wired Magazine ... Twice'.
  • Dave writes on 22/7/08
    Being successful ain't a shame.
    Keep up the good work!
  • Chuckles the Silly Lil' Pig (Annie) writes on 22/7/08
    Isn't it ALWAYS cloudy in Seattle? =)
    Loved your drawing-thing, but your stupid "created by Matthew Inman of" thing kept GETTING IN THE WAY. Jeez. We get the point.
    That India post was hilarious, BTW. Those dang Indians, they're so dang FUNNY...
    Especially with their little spit-corners. =)
  • Chuckles the Silly Lil' Pig (Annie) writes on 22/7/08
    BTW, Anon 2 (or whatever your name is), you confuse me. What's "aforementioned reciprocal mental masturbation"? Is that a new type of WEIGHT LOSS PILL??
  • kameir writes on 23/7/08
    Good style, Props!
  • Sanjay writes on 2/9/08
    Hi Matthew,
    Superb post. Beautifully done art work, conveying the exact thoughts. Really good stuff.
    I have just written a blog post about this; couldn't find a trackback option, so adding here only.
  • Mark writes on 5/9/08
    Really loved your state of the web, which I came across via Stumbleupon. Great site.
  • Shelly writes on 13/9/08
    Great work, made me laugh

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