The State of the Web - Winter 2009

Posted on 2/2/09

Winter would be a terrible thing if it weren't for snowboarding and coffee. The snow in the pacific northwest hasn't been particularly great this year, so I've opted to drink more coffee. More coffee means more frantic mouse clicking, which in turn means more motivation to work on side projects. After one snowy, two sunny, and five rainy afternoons, I finished the winter version of the State of the Web:

The State of the Web - Winter 2009

This one took a lot longer than the summer version, mostly because I'm slow at Adobe Illustrator and there doesn't seem to be as much interesting stuff happening on the web right now as there was in June.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the Summer 2008 version of this:

The State of the Web - Summer 2008

Lastly, I finally took some time and created a page that has everything I've created on it. Most of my comics and microsites have been spread out across various domains, so I got them all together in one central location. You can view it here: Everything.


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  • VUC writes on 3/2/09
    hey man, dont you think you navigation bar is a bit to the right? its not really at the center
  • Douchebaggery writes on 10/2/09
    Hey, have you ever realized your name is "Mat the win man"?
  • Gab writes on 10/6/09
    U said u were looking for new ideas/memes. How about Jones:
  • diseño de volantes writes on 30/9/09
    Muy buen blog de diseño! great blog! thanks from Argentina.

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